Compassion without compromise

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The Campaign is Suspended. Thank you to all who contributed in time or donations. Although this effort is over, this isn't the end.

Let the People Choose

On August 10, the Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeals allowed an untimely filed appeal to be entered and then ruled that Candidate Pierre Lawson had not properly qualified to run. The ruling ignored the lower court's judgment and results in the end of democratic choice for residents of the 40th Judicial District Court- Div A. After reflection and prayer, the Committee to Elect Atoundra Pierre Lawson has decided to move forward. An appeal to the Louisiana Supreme Court has been filed. Candidate Pierre Lawson is confident that the higher court will right the ruling of the 5th Circuit and for that reason, we are not suspending our campaign. Unless the Supreme Court rules to the contrary, the citizens of St. John the Baptist Parish will have the opportunity to choose on November 3, 2020. The tremendous support of the community, and that of friends and family, is appreciated beyond words. We are fully committed to winning and look forward to the Supreme Court ruling. 


The old proverb goes: many hands make light work. A campaign for elected office is one of those things that requires "many hands." No candidate stands alone and, certainly, no candidate wins alone. We are asking for your help to make light work of the days until November 3, 2020. This is a historic election and your hands can make the difference.  


Why run for office? 

​The decision to begin a campaign isn’t an easy one to make. But, because Atoundra Pierre Lawson was re​ared in a family where service to others was a priority, she decided to answer a need.  Her community has always been focused on helping each other. With countless memories of the times Edgard and St. John the Baptist Parish proved to be “their brother’s keeper,” Atoundra responded to the need for a fair, knowledgeable and compassionate candidate. Her love of the community of Edgard and parish of St. John the Baptist motivated her to ask for your vote on November 3rd as she vows to maintain dignity and progressive thinking in the 40th Judicial District Court, Division A. 

Why should I get involved?

We see it all the time- injustice, patent unfairness and even manipulation of our justice system. Change only happens with action. Your vote and your contribution are how change happens. It starts here.

What is “compassion without compromise"?

I a​m governed by three forces, one is faith. The other two are my mind and my heart. My mind follows the law-w​herever it may lead, without compromise. But, my heart listens for the rest of the story- the part of the story no one else may have heard before. It takes both uncompromising respect for the law and compassion to be a fair judge.​ ​

~Atoundra Pierre Lawson

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